Sylt's Last Minute Time Out

Welcome to the Söl'ring Hof at the north sea

The pinnacle of Sylt’s well-being and a decelerated attitude to life is here with us on the dune. Guests of our 5-star luxury hotel often say it’s always a bit like arriving home – at Söl’ring Hof, the solitary gem and Sylt’s last-minute hotel right by the sea. Perhaps it is because we at Söl’ring Hof love this special place so much ourselves and are able to experience it constantly from different angles, light facets and in the changing seasons. We live this enthusiasm every day – share it with us and embark on an unforgettable last-minute holiday on Sylt!

Large Dune room 
24.09. – 26.09.2023
01.10. – 05.10.2023
21.10. – 27.10.2023

Dune room  
23.09. – 25.09.2023
27.09. – 30.09.2023
28.09. – 29.09.2023
29.09. -02.10.2023
04.10.- 06.10.2023
09.10. – 11.10.2023
17.10. – 19.10.2023

Wadden room
                24.09. – 27.09.2023               
08.10.- 13.10.2023

 Sea maisonette
24.09. – 25.09.2023
28.09. – 07.10.2023
03.10. – 06.10.2023
04.10.- 06.10.2023
05.10. – 06.10.2023

Sea room
02.10.- 06.10.2023
08.10.- 11.10.2023
08.10.- 14.10.2023

  Wadden suite
30.09. – 02.10.2023
09.10. – 14.10.2023

54.8°N - 8.3°E - and the stars shine above Sylt's last-minute longing resort Söl'ring Hof

Nautical science locates the geographical position of our hotel on Sylt. But there are also stars of a completely different kind above the thatched roof of the Söl’ring Hof. They arise and sparkle because our Söl’ring Hof cosmos is geared to read your every wish from your eyes during your last-minute Sylt holiday. During your time at the Söl’ring Hof, 57 employees will therefore take care of 30 hotel and some restaurant guests. Our 5-star hotel and the gourmet restaurant, which has been awarded 2 Michelin stars and is managed by Bärbel Ring and Jan-Philipp Berner, offer you a luxurious feel-good atmosphere and the perfect Sylt last-minute getaway to revitalise body and soul – a windbreak and bulwark against stress and haste. How do we achieve this? With absolute attention to detail, dedication to pleasure and to the elements that nature makes us feel on this austere and beautiful island.

The last-minute holiday at Söl'ring Hof on Sylt

Exclusivity is our "sea" of luxury.

Would you like a little more by the sea? Our spectacular location alone will make your Sylt last-minute stay at our hotel an unforgettable experience. But of course we wouldn’t be the Söl’ring Hof team if we didn’t pamper you with all the big and small pleasures and gestures and great last-minute offers on the North Sea that are part of a carefree and harmonious day on Sylt. We are all about wide horizons, excellent food, good encounters and contact with nature on Sylt. At your last-minute hotel, we look forward to welcoming you!

In the rooms and suites of our Söl’ring Hof on Sylt you will enjoy a unique atmosphere very close to the heartbeat of the North Sea waves: Because the extraordinary is part of our daily standard at Rantumer Düne.

The approach of holistic enjoyment is omnipresent in the restaurant, in the living room, in all rooms, lounges and areas of the Sylt last-minute hotel. It’s hard to find the words to describe all this … But it’s much more impressive to experience host Jan-Philipp Berner and sommelière Bärbel Ring for yourself – or to trudge through the mudflats to the oyster beds with the chef in rubber boots and a Southwester. Then you will understand – and love!

Treasures of the island at the Sylt Last Minute Hotel

To ensure that your last-minute holiday on Sylt with us at the hotel also ignites in culinary terms, our host Jan-Philipp Berner, our award-winning sommelière Bärbel Ring and our entire team compose a gourmet fireworks display full of contrasts for breakfast and dinner with a great deal of passion and stylistic confidence – in addition to first-class ingredients (many of which are sourced locally on the island), you will also taste a great deal of esprit and enthusiasm and a large portion of creativity and skill on the plates in the restaurant of the last-minute hotel on Sylt.