Great Prospects

What a setting! Where in Germany can you work, learn and develop in such an incredible setting! Located directly on the Rantum dune with this breathtaking view over the vast North Sea, our beautiful Söl’ring Hof offers a particularly beautiful working environment in a unique setting.

Work by the sea

Working on Sylt in our top restaurant and the exclusive hotel business of the Söl’ring Hof not only offers a fantastic location, but also a team that has dedicated itself with all its love to this island, its resources and its people. This team wants to grow and offer jobs and training on Sylt that are unique – and not only provide views of the sea, but also a job on Sylt with a future. You can find our current vacancies here as well as attractive apprenticeships.

Making a career on Sylt

Working and learning at the Söl'ring Hof

The chances of finding promising positions in the hotel and catering industry are particularly high after successfully completing an apprenticeship. The knowledge and practice gained are the tools for later paths. Chef & host Jan-Philipp Berner and restaurant manager & sommelière Bärbel Ring pass on their know-how and wealth of experience with a lot of heart and commitment. And so an apprenticeship in our house has a high reputation in the industry, fulfils all the criteria of an apprenticeship in this beautiful industry and teaches how to combine high class and casual down-to-earthness.

Working on Sylt - Job offers for working and learning

Working in the hotel business is exciting and varied, and it is also a vocation. It is always about our guest, whom we want to enable to have a relaxing time: This is our highest aspiration at the Söl’ring Hof. In addition, culinary enjoyment and a love of craftsmanship are a matter close to our hearts and the basis of our DNA. We demand one thing above all from our chefs and restaurant staff: passion, energy and striving for perfection, both in the kitchen and with our guests, who should experience our work in an approachable, warm and enjoyable way. Working on Sylt is always something special. It’s about passion, understanding what the island has to offer us and, in the end, also about team spirit – the chemistry among each other, because that’s what makes us a sworn unit that focuses on the well-being and satisfaction of our guests every day.