Hotel room with fireplace

North Sea flair on the Rantum dune

Sylt, with all its versatility, has more to offer than just waves and wind. The mudflats and the vast heath landscape characterise the quiet, idyllic character of the island. Both characteristics have their place in the hotel room with fireplace – the North Sea freshness and the serenity of the Wadden Sea.

From € 795 per night for 2 people

Arrive and lean back in elegant luxury - the hotel room with fireplace

Peace and serenity come over you immediately when you enter the hotel room with fireplace. Northern Germany’s little spot Rantum is in front of your nose and the natural heritage of the Wadden Sea behind it. Elegance and luxury are hard to beat as you look out of the bathroom of the hotel room with fireplace into the dune landscape that so characterises Sylt.

Relaxing North Sea holiday in a hotel room with fireplace - Germany's luxurious spa hotel

Relaxing in front of the fireplace, reading your holiday book or having breakfast on the terrace after a restful night in the hotel room with fireplace. Germany’s northern retreat is not only surrounded by breathtaking scenery. After your walk on the beach, pamper yourself with a visit to the sauna, freshen up in the hotel room with fireplace and enjoy culinary treasures in the 2-star restaurant.