Daily changing dishes
and fine wines

Lunch in JP's living room: The Söl'ring Hof invites you to join us

Opening hours:
Tuesdays to Saturdays at 01:00 PM

Are you looking for an “uncomplicated” lunch or would you like to get to know the Söl’ring Hof? Then come and enjoy a delicious meal on Sylt at Söl’ring Hof. There is a choice of three courses on the menu: a starter, a main course that changes daily and a dessert. Pick your favourite dish, we look forward to seeing you every day.

Enjoy the full splendour and culinary delights of Sylt with a view of the Rantum dune at the Déjeuner auf Sylt in our living room, which forms the backdrop for JP’s lunch at Söl’ring Hof. Take a look at our lunch menu – there you will find the daily changing main course.

JPs living room

Tuesdays to Saturdays at 01:00 PM

Sylt Royal Oysters
natural per piece € 7,-
marinated per piece € 9,-
Baked per piece € 10,-

Vegetable salad
Cream cheese / PX vinegar € 19,-

1/2 lettuce / orange vinaigrette / pumpernickel / meadow herbs € 21,-

Char tartare
Mustard seed / buttermilk / dill € 33,-

Pot-au-feu of North Sea fish € 36,-

Purslane dumplings
Dike cheese / fried onions € 32,-

Smoked fillet of beef
Veal jus / spring vegetables € 59,-

Ingrid Marie
Salted caramel / almond mayonnaise / crispy crumble € 19,-

Our daily changing daily specials could look like this:

Confit turbot
Pumpkin vegetables / watercress € 36,-

Black pudding raviolo
Champagne cabbage / nut butter foam € 32,-

Stuffed sea bass for two people
Arborio risotto € 59,- per person

On pre-order:

Share your wishes. Call or email us if you fancy more than three courses – almost anything is possible. Enjoyment at lunchtime is always guaranteed.

The variety of fine wines - discover our wines on Sylt

A good tawny, ruby or vintage port – port wine was a great passion of our former patron Johannes King, so our treasure chest is richly filled. A considerable selection of the sweet wine classics from Portugal is an important part of the range in our wine list on Sylt. Port wines are not only suitable as a digestif, but also for an enjoyable drink in between. Let yourself be carried away into this very special world and enjoy this unique selection in the Sylt Bar by the Sea! And what else? Lots of wine and champagne…

An endless selection in our wine cellar on Sylt

If you want to enjoy wine on Sylt, there is no getting around Bärbel Ring and her in-depth knowledge of wine. As a trained sommelier and absolute connoisseur with a love for this special world, she enables the Söl’ring Hof to offer this excellent expertise, which picks up wine connoisseurs as well as newcomers who want to learn more. Don’t be shy, every wine has been personally discovered, tasted and purchased for you. Ask any time – there is much informative to learn.

From high-class German Rieslings to rich red wines from Bordeaux, special Chardonnays from Burgundy to the finest Champagnes, our menu with over 1000 items has everything the heart of the wine lover, but also the beginner, desires. In addition, there are over 150 different vintages of the best Port and Madeira wines in the world. In our wine bar on Sylt you can enjoy these liquid treasures just a few metres from the Wadden Sea and without stiff ceremonial, but as relaxed and easy-going as we are here on the island.

Please note that our wine selection changes almost daily. Therefore, the wine list deposited here is an example. Do you have any questions about our selection? Feel free to contact us at any time or get in touch in advance.