Dune room

North Sea hotel with charming retreat

Nestled in the beautiful nature of this island. In the dune room of the Söl’ring Hof, the hotel on the North Sea. You will find exactly that – a place right in the middle of it all. On the small terrace you sit protected from the wind and yet you can hear the sound of the sea.

From € 645 per night for 2 people

North Sea holiday in the dunes
relaxing time out

Looking into the dunes in the morning of your North Sea holiday definitely gives you the right Sylt feeling right away. The dune room of the North Sea Hotel is a cosy oasis of well-being with its special surroundings: a bathtub with shower, elegantly furnished 26 square metres and an enchanting view of the lively landscape of the dune hotel on the North Sea.

Days off with a view of the dune - the North Sea holiday at Söl'ring Hof

The natural phenomena around the hotel at the North Sea shape the special charm of our house. The blooming heath, the rich mudflats and the wide beach surround us and our guests every day with all the shades of the changing seasons. The mix of wind, rapidly changing weather and sunshine on a North Sea holiday in the dunes makes you feel happy and well tired. There are many ways to pamper yourself and unwind at Söl’ring Hof. Warm up in the exclusive spa area of the North Sea accommodation on the dune before culinary specialities from the island are prepared in a unique menu in the 2-star restaurant.