Hooray for a warm September

North Sea invites you for a last swim

Here in the north there is a nice saying: “There is no bad weather, only the wrong clothes. The fact that you saw more Frisian nappies on the beach in July than usual was due to the moody weather.

We take it in our stride and look back with pleasure on a cheerful summer with great guests, a light summer menu from our creative kitchen team and exciting excursions.

And just as cheerfully, we are now ringing in the late summer and looking forward to warm gentle September days, last sunbaths on the beach, perhaps with a jump into the still warm tides and golden sunsets on our little bench.

Sounds beautiful, doesn’t it? So if you would like to enjoy Sylt in its most beautiful late summer colours once again, then visit us on the dune and relax in one of our elegant rooms, in one of our beach chairs directly on the water and for culinary enjoyment have dinner in our gourmet restaurant or lunch in JP’s living room.

Please feel free to call or book your room directly here.

We look forward to seeing you and to a happy September together.

Your Söl’ring Hof Team