Our classic and seafood menu now also for out-of-home guests

Giving culinary pleasure and sharing special gourmet experiences with as many people as possible is a great need for us at Söl’ring Hof. Et voilá. From now until 3 September and 9 October, out-of-town guests – i.e. holidaymakers and islanders who are not staying at the hotel – can discover the island’s culinary identity in our 2-star restaurant.

On Sunday, immerse yourself in our history. The classic menu features the most popular dishes of our guests from 23 years of living gourmet history. This exciting review begins every Sunday at 6.30 pm.

Monday from 6 pm we present a fine selection of fish and seafood. 13 courses with special delicacies from the sea and fine side dishes await you and your guests in the seafood menu. Enjoy the best the sea has to offer in our 2-star restaurant. Our two chefs Benedikt Arps and Jan Fehling look forward to welcoming you!

Out-of-home guests can enjoy the classic menu until 3 September. Out-of-home guests can experience the epicurean variety of the seafood menu until 9 October. It often turns out that summer can fly by. If you are on the island or know someone who has always wanted to eat at Söl’ring Hof, we would be delighted if you would recommend us and visit us at Söl’ring Hof.