One becomes three - the new trio in the kitchen

Two people – Two success stories – A logical consequence.

That’s more or less how we would introduce our top news from the kitchen. Because what our two previous sous chefs Benedikt Arps and Jan Fehling have moved and achieved in their cooking jobs in our kitchen on Sylt over the past few years deserves very special recognition.

Jan Fehling (links) und Benedikt Arps (rechts) stehen im neuen Restaurant.

Sylts Culinary Trio

Not only creatively-culinary, but also humanly, both have shaped our kitchen team, developed themselves every year and positioned themselves as great leaders and managers with enormous passion for their jobs as chefs on Sylt. They have proven that with will and great skill you can go very far in our Sylt chef jobs.

And so we are particularly pleased to announce their appointment as our new chefs.

Accomplished triumvirate - cook jobs on Sylt

Jan-Philipp Berner, host and head chef, will naturally be firmly at the side of the two as a culinary and creative ideas generator. But he is delighted that Benedikt Arps and Jan Fehling are now officially taking on the jobs as chefs on Sylt, which they have basically been doing for a long time.

A perfect enjoyable menage-à-trois, we would say.

We wish you continued energy and above all lots of fun in your Sylt cooking jobs! Good luck and here’s to many more exciting years!