Hommage Hotel

The Sylt DNA is an integral part of the Söl'ring Hof

When you hear the name Söl’ring Hof, you immediately have an image in mind. For more than 20 years now, the house has been a fixture on Sylt. Some think of the incredible location in the dunes and the little bench with a view of the North Sea, others rave about the sophisticated menus in the 2-star restaurant and still others look forward to quiet, relaxing hours in the family hotel. The hotel is a member of the exclusive Hommage Hotels, an association of only six luxurious houses. North Frisian peace and serenity has its home at the Hommage Hotel. Here you can retreat:

Moderate luxuries

characterise the Söl'ring Hof - the Hommage Hotel

Restrained and at the same time warm, arrive and simply be. This is the unique Sylt house in the family of the Hommage Luxury Hotels Collection. The attention of our staff is our greatest asset. In the entrance area, you are literally greeted by attention and the feeling of “being at home”. Immediately, one is overcome with curiosity about what else the place has to offer. Meeting high standards, striving for perfection in its highest form – when we succeed and you feel at home, that is our greatest joy.

The Söl'ring Hof

A tribute to gourmets

But not only the ambience of the Sylt hotel of the Hommage family is friendly Frisian. You can also discover the island’s culinary treasures. With the “Sylter Royal” oysters from the Wadden Sea or the herbs from the Rantum salt marshes, you eat the products of the region that adorn the plates depending on the season. The multifaceted 6 to 8-course menu in the 2-star restaurant of the house is also accompanied by