From young talent to professional -

Three apprenticeships in the spotlight

Hardly any other industry offers as many exciting and diverse future prospects and development opportunities as the catering and hotel industry.

Why? Both sectors of our industry focus on enjoyment and thus also on a form of special life culture. They offer curious and knowledge-hungry young people the technical and content-related basis for a profession that brings them into contact with people from all over the world, whether in the kitchen with other like-minded chefs or in the hotel with colleagues, but especially with the guests, who are the focus of this wonderful service profession in both professions.

More than ever, the industry depends on the curiosity, joy and thirst for knowledge of dedicated apprentices, because they are the future and the supporting pillars of every hotel or restaurant.

Every year we are pleased to be able to accompany young people on this path and to offer you the right foundation as an apprenticeship company.

The three branches of apprenticeships include:

Hotel specialists are available to guests in the various hotel areas and ensure that business runs smoothly: at reception, in service, in the secretariat, accounting or advertising. They look after guests before, during and after their stay in hotels, take care of reservations, serving and looking after their guests in the house. They are also responsible for planning and organising the essential work processes in the hotel in direct connection with the guests. A large and wide range of exciting fields of activity for which the Dehoga training prepares.

Our reception manager Franziska Dörrenbächer has followed exactly this path. “I learned a lot during my training, which is very practice-oriented in a training company. I went through all the essential areas of a hotel business in the three years and thus built up my knowledge. I am very grateful that I made this decision. Because today, I work with exactly this knowledge in one of the most exclusive hotels in Germany and can fully contribute professionally.”

As a Restaurateur, you have the well-being of your guests firmly in your sights, whether in the restaurant, at the bar or at an event. In the role of a host, the Restaurateur takes on diverse and exciting functions from seasonal and event-related preparation of the rooms to advising guests and expertly serving drinks, food and menus to invoicing.

They are the bridge between kitchen and guest, they have the know-how to be able to explain the origin, taste and preparation of food and drinks to the guests, so they are also very well informed when it comes to new trends. As lively as it may be, they keep an overview and coordinate the entire catering business.

Our sommelier and restaurant manager Bärbel Ring is an absolute thoroughbred expert. She has been leading the restaurant team with deep know-how and passion for many years.

“I love my job – working with guests, always meeting new people, advising them, is a dream come true for me. I can only recommend the training, because the further training opportunities are very diverse and as an expert in table culture with deep knowledge of food, its processing and beverages, you have an incredibly broad spectrum with which you can work worldwide.”

This is also confirmed by Corinna Sulger, who has returned to us and, with her years of expertise in this field, not only supports the restaurant but also the hotel and Jan-Philipp Berner as his right-hand woman.

And last but not least, the heart of the culinary arts – the kitchen.

The JRE (Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe) Gourmet Academy offers young people excellent training as chefs and thus a secure foundation to follow a successful path as gourmet craftsmen in top gastronomy.

The JRE Academy combines a three-year apprenticeship as a chef at a JRE company with an additional qualification. In addition to regular vocational school instruction in their own JRE class at the state vocational school, the trainees also receive special, targeted support amounting to 60 teaching units per year from the DEHOGA Academy. They complete this content in supplementary lessons, a special day seminar and an online course. At the end of the training, there is a classic IHK examination with a written and an oral part. It is supplemented by the specially developed practical JRE supplementary examination.

“Thanks to my excellent training, I can now look back on my path with pride and I am delighted to be working as head chef here in this wonderful house under the creative direction of Jan-Philipp Berner. In the combination of theory and practice, I have learned everything I need to give my creativity and passion the tools of the trade,” says Benedikt Arps, who shares the post of head chef with his colleague Jan Fehling.

Three exciting apprenticeships, which the Söl’ring Hof accompanies with great pleasure as a training company. We are very happy to present our successful graduates here in the future – because our apprentices show time and again how beautiful, diverse and exciting our industry is.