A culinary experience
the michelin restaurant

The classics menu by the Söl'ring Hof
Opening hours:
Sundays from 18:30,
the kitchen closes at 22:00,
the restaurant closes at 23:00

23 years of Söl’ring Hof – 23 years of culinary history and creativity. In all these years, wonderful dishes have been created that have burned themselves deep into the memory of our guests. One more reason to dedicate a place of honour to precisely these special signatures – in the form of our classic menu. A restrospective of the epicurean kind.

External guests can enjoy our classic menu in our Sylt star restaurant every Sunday except public holidays this year from 3 July to 6 November and in 2023 from 1 July to 3 September. House guests can enjoy the menu both inside and outside these periods.

Every Sunday evening, we take you on an exciting culinary journey through many years of outstanding and passionate Söl’ring Hof cuisine in our restaurant. An evening with a difference and entirely dedicated to past culinary excursions.

Our Classics Menu

Sunday, 06:30 PM


2020 Marigold / Soda

2016 Buckwheat / Nut Butter / Dyke Cheese

2019 Lard bread / Pear / Roasted Onion

2018 Sylt Sauce / Crab / Egg White

2015 Mushroom / Quail Egg / Thyme

2013 Potato bread / Cream butter

The Menu

2016 Norway lobster

Spring Vegetables / Rapeseed Vinaigrette

2015 Pollack

Chamomile / Radish / Einkorn

2005 Bouillabaisse á la King

North Sea Fish / Rouille Sauce

2014 Holstein Beef Onglet

Beetroot / Mustard / Sour cream


2019 Apple

Celery / Amaranth

Petit Fours

2000 Almond arch

2003 Coconut truffle

2010 Pâte de fruit / Summer berries

2014 Rose / Butter milk / Mint

2016 Refreshment taler / Cranberry / Armagnac

Classics menu per person € 264,-

We also offer a caviar and cheese trolley and oysters.


Bärbel Ring

Host, chef and culinary “creator” Jan-Philipp Berner can confidently dedicate these Sundays to his family. Our management team is always superbly staffed with both chefs Jan Fehling and Benedikt Arps and looks forward to accompanying you through this special 5-course menu in the good Sylt restaurant as one of the best restaurants on Sylt – and restaurant manager and sommelière Bärbel Ring leads the service team of our Sylt star restaurant in her usual passionate manner. All other days, Jan-Philipp Berner is of course there for our team and our guests as usual.


Kochen auf diesem Niveau, täglich mit Liebe und Hingabe, ist und bleibt eine Berufung. Das ganze Team folgt ihr und trägt sie an unsere Gäste. Wohl auch deshalb hat unser 2-Sterne-Restaurant auf Sylt einen legendären Ruf weit über die Inselkanten hinaus. Die Freude unserer Gäste, Ihre Fragen, Ihr neugieriger Blick und Ihre Rückmeldung ist unser Antrieb, in unserer offenen Landhausküche unseres Sylter Sternerestaurants jeden Tag unser Bestes zu geben. Leidenschaft, Liebe zum Produkt, Wertschätzung für die Natur, für unser Team und für Sie. Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch!