On the way between kitchen and garden

Our cooking classes, tastings & excursions

Be part of a special magic – feel and experience what goes on around our fine cuisine and get to the bottom of the secrets and tricks: We offer all this with our lovingly put together and organised events, which include in particular our cooking courses and excursions. In our teaching lessons for gourmets you will find everything about the preparation of fish, seafood, truffles and much more.

If you want to get to know the green side of the island, take part in an excursion to the salt marshes or in our herb garden.

Our popular tastings only take place by individual arrangement with Bärbel Ring. She is happy to delve deeper into her world of wines with you (cost: 160 € p.p. face-to-face e.g. Eyes Nose Mouth – how to taste properly, port wine for beginners or also an individual topic).

Cooking course with a star chef
or excursions to the source - trips to the culinary island

Indulgence and full flavours – the island is adorned with rich products that taste special in their own way. In the 2-star restaurant at Söl’ring Hof, host Jan-Philipp Berner and his team prepare the products in unique menus and in this way bring Sylt to the plate. With us you can take a look behind the scenes. Whether it’s a cooking course with star chef Jan-Philipp Berner or an excursion in the fresh air to the breeding grounds of the island’s treasures. Get to know the fresh and rich culinary delights!

Tips and fine tricks from the star chef

Cooking classes at the Söl’ring Hof

How do you prepare game in a tasty way? What are the special features of fish and shellfish? And what exciting dishes can be conjured up from the numerous different summer and winter vegetables? At the cooking course with star chef Jan-Philipp Berner you will get an insight into star cuisine. In the open kitchen with its long pass, where the products come onto the plate in impressive combinations:

An exciting experience at the North Sea
the excursions into the open field

Preparing dishes into exciting compositions is one thing. Developing a feeling for the ingredients – that is only possible when you know the natural habitat of the products. In addition to cooking classes with star chef Jan-Philipp Berner, the host also takes you to the places where the products grow and thrive. You:

Whether you are looking for hints and inspiration for your next dinner invitation while cooking with the star chef or would like to experience and learn the origin of the delicious menus. We look forward to presenting the island’s culinary treasures to you.